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Ski Season eBook Buy the eBook now for only $9.95!

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ebook: Survive a Ski Season in Canada


Ski Season eBook


Ski Season eBookPurchase the Ski Season eBook here and get a head start on your next Canadian winter season! The eBook is AUD 9.95.

Buy the eBook now!

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Ski Season eBook


Want the essential know-all to get a head start on the best ski season of your life? We've got you covered. Survive A Ski Season Canada gives you tips, and a few sneaky secrets, to sidestep the pitfalls of travel.

It will help you work out where to go, sort out housing and find a job that will maximise your skiing time and cashflow.



What's inside?

  • Real life insight on what ski season is really like.
  • Should you DIY or do you need an agent? Tips to reduce the stress of setting up.
  • ACCOMMODATION. Read personal accounts from seasonaires on what room rental, staff accommodation and house rental is like.
  • JOBS. Know what to expect with day-to-day rundowns from a ski resort ticket checker, a housekeeper and a server.
  • LOCATION. Not all ski towns are equal, nor will you love all of them. Don't get overwhelmed. Find out which one suits you to live and work in.
  • SUMMER. Canada isn't just about ski season. We look at a variety of options you can do to plan ahead for an epic adventure.
  • BUDGET. Canada can be expensive and the wages are low. Get a realistic idea of how much money to bring and what you can expect to earn.
  • CARS. Find out what type car of car you need to buy and how to drive in Canada.
  • SOCIAL LIFE. Ski season one big party right? Prepare yourself for the dramas, the issues of transient dating and how to find love in a ski town.
  • LOCALS. Want an authentic experience? Make friends with locals. We look at possible cultural differences to save you any faux pas.
  • MOUNTAIN SAFETY. The mountain playground is exhilarating but has a number of dangers the inexperienced are often aware of. For your own wellbeing, this chapter is essential.
  • STYLE. What you should bring, essentials to buy and where to get them.
  • RESOUCES. We list a ton of useful websites to help you with your working holiday.

Why an eBook?

Many seasonaires, including the book's author, venture over to Canada with the anticipation of new adventures and a thrilling life. And while this is true, the unexpected reality is often much harder.

You'll navigate low-paying jobs, try to find accommodation in stretched housing supply and wonder how to best to maximize on the overseas experience over a two-year period.

This book will give you answers and a realistic idea of what to expect.


Ski Season eBook

Purchase the Ski Season eBook here and get a head start on your next Canadian winter season! The e-book is AUD 9.95.

Once you have made the payment through Paypal, you will return to Snow Season Central, where you will receive a password to access the eBook.

Buy the eBook now!

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