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The Snow Season Central Blog

The new Snow Season Central blog and jobs board has arrived



Snowboarder - Snow Season Central


Welcome, everyone, to the new Snow Season Central blog and winter jobs board.


We've been a bit quiet over the past few months as we've been redeveloping the site. We're excited to announce that the new blog is ready and up and running.

This is in addition to the new jobs board we've installed. Now, employers will be able to post their snow jobs on our board, connecting seasonal workers directly to winter jobs.

We hope the new jobs board will be extremely useful for you winter season workers as you look for your next seasonal jobs. For employers, we aim to lower the cost of finding new staff by connecting you directly to those looking for work at the snow.

Spread the word to employers - we want to make SSC the most efficient and easy spot to go for all seasonal winter work!

The blog will have a focus on seasonal workers, giving you ski industry news and events.

We will also start branching out a little to give you more general snow news - after all, who doesn't enjoy hearing about the latest cool snowboarding or skiing movie, or hearing about the latest gear being developed?

If you have ideas about blog posts you might like to see, please get in touch. We are always happy to hear from you guys. Similarly, if you have any ideas about information that might be useful for seasonal workers and those in the ski industry, please get in touch.


Photo: Lake Tahoe and Heavenly Valley, California


Thanks everyone for reading and keeping Snow Season Central the number one resource for those in the ski industry and those looking to do winter seasonal work.



We hope to hear from you - until then, good riding!


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